Shrink Wrapping

“Shrink-wrap” is a method of protecting artwork from environmental damage caused by handling or air-borne particles and is fast, non-permanent and inexpensive. It’s a great way to protect art or photos for storage or quick display. The art is usually placed on a Fomecore* substrate and enveloped in a clear inert plastic bag that is then heat shrunk to tighten the package. The artwork is safely behind super clear protection and is easily removed when desired. Shrink-wrap is an excellent way for artists or collectors to display multiple items clearly without having to frame each piece.

* Fomecore: A light cellulose product sandwiched between two cardstock weight papers, providing support and stiffness.

Illustrated are some of the pieces we have done.

Can you tell?  If you look very closely at the upper left corner

you will see the reflection of the shrink wrap on the edge.

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